What Is A Podcast ?



Talk radio or radio format containing discussions about topical issues have been around since the 1920’s.

Traditional talk radio was originally produced in a studio using expensive equipment and broadcasted through the airwaves by radio broadcast stations. Today thanks to the evolution of the internet along with the affordability of hardware and cheaper software, individuals are able to produce a less expensive means of advertising their product or service by using this professional radio style broadcasting from their computer, mobile device or even their smart phone. Audio podcasts are now doing what was once

through powerful radio broadcast stations.

Podcasts are not only entertaining and fun, they are informative, educating and because of the smart phone and other mobile devices, convenient. Entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals that want to get their message out can now literally reach an audience of millions.

People are now podcasting on just about every topic imaginable including, sports, fishing, and cooking, self help, single parents and even wooden boats.

So what is a Podcast? In this session we discuss just that.

So what is a Podcast?

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