Using Periscope To Promote Your Podcast

How Periscope Can Help Grow Your Podcast Audience And Engagement.


Do you have a podcast and are looking for new ways to grow your audience? If so, I have the solution for you. Recently, there has been huge growth in live video broadcasting, and it may just be time for you to jump in. What I’m talking about is a new resource called Periscope.


What Is Periscope?

Periscope is the new way of video broadcasting and over the past couple months, has exploded in popularity. It is a live video, and all that is needed is a smartphone or tablet. Instantly, you are live on the internet and hundreds of people can tune in to see what you’re doing. Your audience is also able to comment during your video, and it is directly posted on the screen for everyone to see.


Most of the successful people on the internet have started using Periscope to connect with their audience, so what are you waiting for? If you currently have an audience, this is an awesome way to build your relationship and credibility.

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What Can You Use Periscope For?

Periscope can be used for absolutely anything. But it is especially beneficial for anyone who has a podcast, blog, or large following. Here are some great benefits from using Periscope for your podcast:


  1. Sharing Information Instantly – Periscope gives you the ability to share info instantly to your audience before anyone else has the chance to. If you find something that may be helpful to your viewers, you can now record that and share it to the world first. This will increase your credibility dramatically.


  1. Connect With Viewers On A Personal level – Your viewers want to connect and communicate with you on a more personal level, and by showing them your personal life, they will better understand and connect with you. Once they connect with you, they start trusting you and will come to you for advice. This will build your reputation and lead to success.




  1. greg periscopeLive Q&A Sessions – Your viewers would be thrilled if you gave them the ability to ask questions and get answers live on video. This will give them more value, which will ultimately help you in the long run. Your goal should be to add as much value to your audience as possible, and this will help you do that.


  1. Networking – With Periscope being a live event, it creates a huge opportunity to get yourself in front of tones of people. By joining in on someone else’s video, you are able to join the conversation, and possibly build your audience. Join someone who has a similar topic as you and present yourself in a way that people will want to follow you.


  1. Live Streaming Your Podcast – People are very interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes. With a podcast, it doesn’t give the viewer the ability to really connect with you, but by being live on video, they feel connected on a more personal level. This will make your audience more engaged, and ultimately build a better relationship.



Now that you’re aware of the benefits Periscope has, it’s time to take action. Get started using this and you will see huge results. Add as much value as you possible can to your audience and you will see success.

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