Podcast Studio Gear Setup Session# 2

Setting Up Your Studio With @techguynate

This is a prerecorded Webinar hosted by Scott Webber with Nathan Strong AKA “Tech Guy Nate” or @techguynate
In this webinar we cover the basics on how to set up your podcasting Studio, from a simple no frills to pro setup .

What You Will Learn:

How easy it is to get started podcasting

How inexpensive it can be to get started podcasting

You don’t need a lot expensive equipment to sound pro

You don’t need a lot of room for your studio set up


Key Resources In This Episode:

Reach out to Nathan Strong @techguynate

Microphones discussed in this episode

Audio Technica ATR2100

Heil PR40

Webinar Video captured by Zoom.us

Audio recorded through mixing board on a Zoom H2N

Microphones used by Scott & @techguynate Audio Technica ATR2100

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